What is a logotype and how do you go about getting one?

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A common mistake when starting a company is to rush into getting things like a logotype, fancy business cards and stationary. Allthough image can mean a lot, it is something that requires a lot thought. Here are a few tips on how you should go about getting a logotype.

Let us first define what a logotype is and what the purpose if it should be. A logotype is basically the symbol of your company. Usually it consists of a picture with the company name attached to it, but sometimes it might simply be just text. What is important is that it should be part of the identity of your company. It should convey a feeling of what your company is about. You should, by looking at the logotype, be able to tell what type of business your company is in.

So how do you go about getting one? Well, this is where you have to do some thinking. Start off by grabbing a pen and paper. Write everything you think of down, i.e. feelings, colours, shapes and pretty much anything else you can think of in connection to your business.

Then you simply summarize your notes into what we could call an idea. Now, if you have never done anything like this before, or feel that you rather not do it yourself, my advice is that you hire someone to do it for you. A skilled graphic designer can take you notes and turn them into a few, at least two or three, design ideas. If the designer has been able to interpret you notes correctly you will probably find, among the different designs, one you like. But, this is not a guarantee. Sometimes it takes more than just one attempt. You might have to go through several turns before you find that one design for you.

However, there is a question you must first ask yourself: - Do I need a logotype? The fact is that sometimes you do not need one. It is really a judgement call. If you do want one you should not pick the first you come across. Wait until you find the one that is right for you and your business. It is better to wait than to keep changing your logotype whenever you find one you like better.

The right logotype will help to build your brand and your business, and will be worth every penny spent on it. The wrong one could potentially ruin you.